WV DUI Deferral: How Long Does a DUI WV Stay on Your Record?

A commonly searched question for those facing drunk driving charges is “How long does a DUI in WV stay on your record?” Possibly forever, unless you either win your first offense DUI West Virginia case, or you are eligible (under a special provision of the WV code) for the WV DUI deferral program.

WV DUI Deferral: How Long Does a DUI WV Stay on Your Record?This special program for DUI first offenders who have taken the state breath alcohol test may allow a DUI arrest to get an expungement so that the DUI in WV does not stay on your record. Certain filing requirements and eligibility rules apply, and EARLY action (after your arrest) is imperative.

Hire Your West Virginia DUI Lawyer Early – Not at the Last Minute!

The first 30 days after a West Virginia DUI arrest are CRITICAL. Don’t procrastinate, and lose valuable opportunities to keep a DUI WV off your criminal record. Certain court filings and “elections” on how to proceed can affect your DUI case outcome, and your ABILITY TO DRIVE in West Virginia.

Neither your administrative license revocation court date nor your criminal court date will be scheduled within this 30 days, so DO NOT miss your chance of obtaining a better outcome. Those who hesitate are LOST, and may squander their one chance of keeping a DUI off their criminal record.

West Virginia DUI Deferral Can Only Be Elected Within 30 Days

Timing is critical to getting this done. Do not delay in calling a West Virginia DUI attorney immediately after your arrest. Late filing (after 30 days following your arrest) is not permitted under the WV Code, so either act quickly, or lose this golden opportunity for certain eligible DUI first offense clients.

Long before this 30 days expires however, you should have hired the best WV DUI lawyer to start investigating your case, file all the necessary discovery requests with the criminal court to protect your interests, and develop a strategy for the administrative license revocation (ALR) to help you obtain the best possible outcome in your West Virginia DUI case.

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