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DUI in WV? Searching for WV DUI Lawyer Near Me? Top Criminal Attorneys Martinsburg WV

West Virginia DUI Lawyer Harley Wagner Is One of the Top Criminal Law Martinsburg WV Attorneys

DUI attorney Harley Wagner treats every one of his clients’ legal matters with the utmost urgency and respect. As a criminal defense attorney Martinsburg WV, Mr. Wagner has solved the issue of finding the best DUI lawyers near me. He does this by covering the WHOLE State of West Virginia, not just the eastern panhandle of West Virginia. No matter if fighting in Berkeley County, Kanawha County or Monongalia County, he is “at home” in West Virginia’s courts.

  • The veteran criminal defense attorney has represented over 2,000 relieved clients charged with crimes in motor vehicles
  • Has specialized in DUI defense for over 19 years
  • Protected his clients’ driving privileges to the maximum degree allowed by the WV DMV
  • Has been named a WV Super Lawyer 6 years in a row
  • Wrote the book West Virginia DUI Defense – The Law and Practice
  • Has attended more than 60 DUI defense training seminars nationwide

Attorney at Law Harley Wagner has defended over TWO THOUSAND West Virginia DUI cases in his legal career, all with the stated goal of obtaining the very best outcome possible for each client facing a misdemeanor driving under the influence in West Virginia, aggravated DUI WV, or  felony DUI charges in WV. Except for someone twice his age, no other Martinsburg attorneys have handled that number of clients’ drunk driving or drugged driving cases.

WV DUI Defense Lawyer Born and Raised in Martinsburg, West Virginia

If you conduct an internet search for criminal attorneys Martinsburg WV, most of the WV criminal defense lawyers in our corner of the state do not specialize in DUI defense. Martinsburg native Harley O. Wagner, after being a prosecuting attorney in Clarksburg WV in the 1990s, learned that every person facing DUI has a great deal at stake in avoiding the harsh consequences of a DUI conviction. Plus, while previously prosecuting cases, he learned that this criminal law specialty was one of the more complex areas that a criminal justice attorney can undertake in representing accused WV DUI clients.

Harley Wagner and his DUI law firm dedicate 100% of their firm’s legal practice to providing relentless DUI defense legal services to those in need of saving their job, protecting their right to drive, and (to the extent possible) keeping a clean criminal history following their arrest. A long-time member of the National College for DUI Defense and Charter Member of DUIDLA, Mr. Wagner has achieved a national profile and top attorney ratings.

The WV lawyer also can tell you when (and if) to take the safety and treatment program in WV.

WV DUI Penalties: West Virginia Drunk Driving Laws Can Be Harsh

Government prosecutors routinely get this wrong and overcharge in violation of WV DUI laws and statute. A citizen accused of a WV DUI felony 3rd offense in West Virginia is facing a potential sentence of two (2) to five (5) years in the State penitentiary and a potential fine of $3,000 to $5,000.

Per West Virginia DUI laws, a citizen accused of felony DUI Causing Death is facing a potential sentence of three (3) to fifteen (15) years in the State penitentiary, and a mandatory fine of $1,000.00 to $3,000.00.

WV DUI Jail Time

Per West Virginia DUI laws, a citizen accused of DUI and Fleeing from law enforcement after the officer has given a “clear visual or audible signal directing the person to stop” will be charged with felony DUI Fleeing, which carries a possible penalty of three to ten years in the State penitentiary.

West Virginia DUI Attorney Harley Wagner Is Nationally Known

West Virginia criminal attorney Harley Wagner is nationally known as one of top DUI lawyers in West Virginia, especially in the field of drunk driving defense. Even among local criminal lawyers in Martinsburg WV, Mr. Wagner is the top local legal expert on WV DUI laws. Several of these criminal defense lawyers in West Virginia have Mr. Wagner’s book on their bookshelves, as a legal reference on both WV DUI law, and the science of defending drunk driving cases.

Because much more than merely “showing up in court” is involved in DUI defense, Mr. Wagner is also an expert in WV DMV issues, including WV DUI laws, handling DUI license suspension problems, getting expungement on West Virginia DUI cases processed under the deferral program, and fighting the West Virginia DMV.

The Wagner Law Firm aggressively defends clients accused of West Virginia DUI offenses throughout the state, including in our main law office location, Martinsburg WV. Success generates great lawyer ratings and bolsters personal referrals like this one:

  • Testimonial: “I was charged with a DUI. Harley completed a thorough investigation into the arresting officers, the equipment used, and the procedures followed. When it came time for the first court date within 10 minutes the DUI charge was dropped. There is no better attorney in West Virginia for DUI law.”

You may want to purchase a copy of “West Virginia DUI Defense: The Law and Practice, written by DUI defense lawyer Harley O. Wagner and Arizona DUI lawyer James Nesci. Ask Mr. Wagner about this book during your FREE consultation.

Read more about the WV DUI statute: West Virginia Code §17C-5-2

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