The Wagner Law Firm: Ten Years and Counting

The Wagner Law Firm recently celebrated 10 years of serving clients throughout the state of West Virginia. The firm officially opened its doors on April 1st, 2010 in the very community that Attorney Wagner was raised. The Wagner Law Firm has flourished from small beginnings to a very bright and promising future. With countless hours of training and a wealth of knowledge, Attorney Wagner has successfully fought for the rights of his clients. He has come to be known as a leader in the field of DUI defense due to his diligence and perseverance in providing expert legal counsel.

In a recent story by The Journal, attorney “Harley Wagner professes that the last 10 years have been the greatest of his personal and professional life. These words come at the end of his first decade in private practice as the owner of West Virginia’s only criminal defense firm that specializes in the defense of driving under the influence cases.”

View the full article about Harley Wagner’s dedication and the law firm’s beginnings here.

The Wagner Law Firm Celebrating 10 Years