How Does a DUI Affect My Insurance?

If you got a DUI, you should be worried about quite a few things. Not only could you go to jail, pay expensive fines, and lose your driver’s license but you could also suffer a hard hit to your car insurance rates. As you know by now, West Virginia law enforcement officers do not take DUIs lightly and work tirelessly to identify and arrest DUI suspects. Anything from driving too slowly to running a stop sign could result in getting pulled over and subsequently arrested by the police. As such, it comes as no surprise that insurance companies are on the lookout for DUI convictions on their policyholders’ driving records.

How Does a DUI Affect My Insurance?Although you are probably more focused on the legal consequences of your DUI conviction, you should also focus on the impacts of a DUI on your car insurance. Believe it or not, many insurance companies do not have their policyholders’ best interests at heart and often look for ways to make more money off them, even when nothing went wrong. You may have had unfavorable experiences with your insurance company already, so if you get convicted of DUI, you can imagine how your insurer may respond. You must prepare for the worst.

How Much Does a DUI Raise Your Insurance?

Typically, insurance rates increase with a DUI conviction.

Depending on your insurance policy, your rates could increase up to 80%, on average, although your rates could jump 300% or more depending on your specific policy, driving history, age, and more. Your insurer could even drop you altogether.

Every policy contains different rules on DUI convictions, so you may want to consult with an attorney about what you can expect from your insurance company after a DUI.

Why Does a DUI Increase Your Insurance Rates?

In the eyes of your insurer, a DUI conviction demonstrates that you pose a high risk on the roads. As a result of a DUI, your insurer may perceive you as a stronger threat to yourself and other drivers, which is why your insurer will likely increase your rates. Doing so will account for your higher odds of getting into an accident, getting a ticket, or even getting another DUI conviction.

Do You Need to Tell Your Insurance Company About a DUI?

If you’re wondering how insurance companies know about a policyholder’s DUI conviction, the answer is they check driving records before selling or renewing a policy. Even if you don’t notify your insurance company about your DUI conviction, your agent will find out sooner or later. As such, it may be in your best interests to speak to a lawyer about your situation. They could give you advice on your next steps with your insurance company concerning your DUI.

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