3 Apps to Combat Drunk Driving

Whenever you go out for the night and have a few drinks, you should always be responsible. However, it is easy to overindulge.

3 Apps to Combat Drunk DrivingWhile we all have the option of calling a designated driver or requesting a ride from Uber/Lyft, either your friend can’t pick you up or your Uber/Lyft ride is quite costly. That is why it may be tempting to get behind the wheel after drinking.

Fortunately, there are apps on your phone that can help you be informed about your choices. Hopefully, they will help you avoid getting a DUI.

The following are three apps to help you fight drunk driving:

  • ENDUI – Free for both iOS and Android, this app helps you determine if you’re too intoxicated to drive and offers a variety of features to deter drunk driving. ENDUI can calculate your BAC when you input what you’ve had to drink and your body factors, has games designed to test your ability to focus, and has the ability to contact trusted individuals or a taxi if you’ve had too much to drink.
  • Alcohoot – This app turns your smartphone into a breathalyzer; however, you must purchase a separate device that costs $100. Yet, it is accurate and has plenty of positive reviews compared to its cheaper competitors such as Breathometer. All you need to do is plug the device into your audio jack and blow into it to provide your BAC score and help you make the best decisions possible.
  • SteerClear – Although you may use a ridesharing service to get you home, you may be worried about leaving your car behind and potentially incur fines. This app allows you to contact a professional driver who can drive you and your car home. All you need to do is set up a pickup time and place, arrange a one-trip, and contact the driver through private messaging. The pre-registered price is $20, followed by $2 per mile. Two SteerClear employees will arrive, one will drive you and your car home, while the other follows with another car.

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