WV First Offense DUI Penalties


Your job, your family, your license, and your freedom are all at stake right now. You’ve been arrested for a West Virginia DUI for the very first time, and now you are left wondering how you can make this go away. What about just pleading guilty to the charges against you? While some may think this is an easy escape, it isn’t.

Pleading guilty means you are going to face lifelong DUI penalties. If you make the choice to fight your first DUI, you have a chance to end up with a much better result.

West Virginia drunk driving laws are harsh. Even though this is your first offense, you could end up spending time in jail. After a conviction for your DUI, you could spend as little as 1 day behind bars, or as much as 6 months in jail.

There are also fines that you will be subject to — fines as little as $100 and as much as $500, plus court costs and other surcharges. Not to mention you could be required to install an ignition interlock system in your car. You may also be required to participate in alcohol education classes.

More specifically, there are two kinds of DUIs in West Virginia – non-aggravated, when your BAC is .15 or less, and aggravated, when your BAC is more than .15. There is no mandatory jail time for non-aggravated, but you could spend as much as 6 months behind bars, with a minimum fine of $100. For an aggravated DUI, there is a minimum of 24 hours in jail or up to 6 months. Fines are a minimum of $100.

The WV DMV Will Also Open a Case Against You

In addition to your criminal case, a West Virginia DUI also triggers a DMV case. That means your license is at risk from the moment you are arrested in West Virginia. How can you save your license? The best idea is to speak with Harley Wagner. He has experience defending DUI cases all over West Virginia.

In fact, he has worked on over 1,800 DUI cases in the past 17+ years throughout West Virginia. Plus, he has the only law firm in the entire state of West Virginia that focuses solely on DUI defense.

If this is your first DUI offense, according to West Virginia drunk driving laws the DMV will take a license suspension action against you. This means that your license may be suspended. If suspended, the amount of suspension time depends on whether it is an aggravated or non-aggravated DUI.

But remember, if your license is suspended, it is possible to get your license back sooner. Take the time to talk to The Wagner Law Firm. Harley Wagner will fight to save your driving privileges. If your license is suspended, he will explain to you how you can get your license back quickly if you complete the required safety and treatment program.

In fact, you can have your license reinstated even sooner if you also participate in the alcohol lock and test program.

This may be your first criminal offense ever, and you may be frightened. But there is hope in all of this. Finding the right lawyer is crucial in battling your West Virginia DUI charge. Harley Wagner will fight to protect your reputation, your job, and your right to drive.

Harley knows the laws for DUI in WV, understands proper police procedure, and has the experience, training and state-wide reputation you are looking for. He is the kind of experienced attorney you need fighting your DUI case.

Harley Wagner will work to get you the best results in your case, and will even go to trial if it comes to that. Because of his experience with West Virginia drunk driving laws, Harley Wagner can help you build a defense. Contact him now for a free consultation.