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If you are under 21 and facing a DUI charge, or if you are looking for a skilled lawyer to represent your son or daughter, West Virginia DUI attorney Harley Wagner is here to help you and your family through this difficult time.

Harley has been helping families with legal trouble for over 22 years and has defended over 3,000 clients against life-changing DUI charges. Mr. Wagner operates his DUI defense law firm throughout West Virginia, routinely traveling all over the state to help people in Berkeley, Jefferson, and Monongalia counties.

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What is Florida’s Zero Tolerance Law?

In the state of Florida, there is "zero tolerance" for anyone who is underage who is caught drinking and driving. The Zero Tolerance law state that any driver under 21 with a blood alcohol level of .02 will lose their license for 6 months. If your blood alcohol level is greater than .05 you will also be requires to attend a substance abuse course. Officers have the right to breath test anyone under the age of 21 if they believe they have been drinking.

What are the Penalties for an Underage DUI?

West Virginia underage DUI lawyer Harley Wagner has a comprehensive understanding of the state’s DUI-under-21 laws and the associated penalties. Many of Harley’s underage DUI clients are students who face possible disciplinary hearings and penalties at school. Regardless of the circumstances, the penalties for drunk driving under 21 are serious.

A first-offense driver under age 21 who submits to a breath, blood, or urine test and has a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.02% or greater, but less than 0.08%, can face a fine of $25 to $100 and either a suspension of their driver's license for sixty days or six months of an ignition interlock device in their vehicle.

If you elect to receive an interlock device rather than have your license suspended, you must pay for the installation and the monthly monitoring fee. This can cost hundreds of dollars – an interlock is not cheap and is just one more expense on top of court fines and bail money.

An Underage DUI Can Be Removed from Your Permanent Record

West Virginia DUI laws offer a youthful offender with an underage DUI and low BAC level to have the criminal charge dismissed after meeting certain requirements. The young person’s DUI conviction is also expunged (removed) once sentence completion is accomplished. West Virginia has one of the most favorable underage DUI laws in the country, but the penalties are not to be taken lightly.

If you or your loved one under 21 years of age gets pulled over for erratic driving and they “blow” over a 0.08%, the penalties get harsher and can even include jail time. West Virginia underage DUI attorney Harley Wagner can help you make sense of all the varying charges and penalties. He can recommend what to do next.

Seek Guidance from The Wagner Law Firm

DUI law is complicated, even for some newer, more inexperienced lawyers. You do not want to walk into court and defend yourself, plead guilty, or try to get a public defender appointed to you. The stakes are too high for drivers under 21 who can be impacted by a DUI conviction for the rest of their lives.

Higher car insurance rates, getting denied admission to the college of your choice, and diminished job prospects are real punishments. Mr. Wagner has seen good young people make an unfortunate mistake by driving after drinking at a party or football game, get pulled over and arrested, then pay for their mistake for a long time.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Harley can help you beginning right now. Call him at (304) 461-6000 for a free consultation.

Case Results

With decades of legal experience and over 800 hours of DUI defense training, Harley Wagner knows how to fight DUI charges effectively. Read The Wagner Law Firm's recent case results to learn more about Harley's past successes.
  • DUI Felony 3rd Offense (Berkeley Springs, WV) Not Guilty
  • DUI Felony Fleeing / Attempted Murder by Vehicle (Romney, WV) Dismissed
  • .08 DUI Causing Death case (Clarksburg, WV) Dismissed
  • .14 Felony DUI Causing Death Case (Martinsburg, WV) Reduced to Misdemeanor
  • DUI 1st (Morgantown, WV) Dismissed
  • DUI 1st (Morgantown, WV) Dismissed
  • DUI 1st (Martinsburg, WV) Dismissed
  • DUI 1st (Morgantown, WV) Dismissed
  • DUID 1st (West Virginia) Dismissed
  • DUI 1st (St. Mary’s, WV) Dismissed

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