Is It a Crime to Flee the Scene of a DUI?

Most people feel panicked after a car accident and their flight response might kick in. For those in an accident due to a DUI, the urge to flee the scene is even stronger. So, is it illegal to flee the scene of a DUI?

What Happens After an Accident?

After an accident, the parties involved typically contact the police and/or emergency services to the scene. The drivers exchange information while law enforcement gathers evidence for their report, everyone goes home or to receive treatment and files their insurance claim.

In some cases, one party may file charges if they believe negligence or foul play was a factor in which case the accident goes to court. In cases where police have probable cause to suspect illegal activity or driving under the influence, they may arrest the party they believe to be responsible and begin the criminal process.

Avoiding the civil and criminal consequences is a priority for most people – understandably so – but does the need to avoid harsh punishment worth the risk of even worse penalties for fleeing the scene?

Why Fleeing the Scene is Bad

Fleeing the scene of a DUI is a very risky decision for several reasons. For starters, fleeing the scene of an accident for any reason raises questions about guilt and liability. In other words, police may interpret the absence of the other party in a DUI as an admission of guilt.

Additionally, fleeing the scene means that you do not have the ability to collect your own evidence or clear your name with a negative breathalyzer test. However, while feelings of fear and desperation are natural and lead to a need for control in this difficult situation, you must contact an attorney.

Legal Support

The fear and desperation that happens after a DUI can be intense and cloud your better judgement, but if you flee the scene of the DUI, you must contact The Wagner Law Firm immediately. Our attorney can advocate your best interests before and after arrest.

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