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West Virginia police are always on high alert, but for interstate travelers visiting family in VA it is important to note that VA police are taking notice of public safety risks as well. The Fairfax Co. police department has announced their DUI Squad is preparing for holiday enforcement as a part of their Safe December campaign. Keep reading to learn more.

The DUI Squad

The Fairfax Co. Police Department in VA established a series of patrols under the banner of “DUI Squad” to offset the rise in drunk driving incidents around the holidays. FCPD Sgt. Steve Sicinato told journalists,

That's high visibility, zero tolerance, and aggressive patrols focused on apprehending people who are driving under the influence. It is usually right around the holiday season. We want people to have a good time. We are not anti-drinking police, but we are the anti-drinking and getting behind the wheel police. We do not want that.”

Members of the DUI Squad are well versed in DUI indicators and are intimately familiar with the hotspots around Fairfax Co. Their directive is to stake out and patrol these areas to catch drunk drivers before they can harm themselves and others.

A supplemental function of the squad is catching traffic violations like speeding and reckless driving in highly patrolled areas.

Since the founding of the DUI Squad in 2016, the team has made approximately 1,800 DUI arrets. In 2021 alone, law enforcement made about two hundred arrests. The team is made of officers positioned around the county to ensure that even the most obscure and rural areas are well patrolled.

Extra Training

As part of the induction process, officers are required to undergo specific training to detect all signs of impairment related to alcohol consumption and drugs. This ensures that deputies and other law enforcement officers are able to efficiently evaluate individuals for signs of intoxication.

West Virginia

The FCPD is not the only police department to take up extra efforts to ensure that public safety remains intact during the holiday season. Police and emergency responders around West Virginia have led the charge to establish resolute DUI patrol squads and will continue to do so this holiday season.

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