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Criminal charges, including DUIs, can impact a person’s entire life from their future employment opportunities to their living situation. However, can a DUI impact a person’s family life? Keep reading to learn more.

DUIs in West Virginia

West Virginia law enforcement and courts do not take DUIs lightly. Not only are roads patrolled regularly, and the consequences for breaking the law are severe. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the DUI, the punishment might be more severe.

For example, if a person is charged with a DUI and causes an injury or death the court may charge it as a felony with a potential prison sentence of several or more years. Fleeing a DUI or having multiple DUIs can also escalate the criminal process.

In addition to jail or prison time and fines, the court may suspend a driver’s license. It’s important to note that in WV, the court is responsible for handling all aspects of a DUI case including the criminal penalties and license suspension so a person cannot receive one punishment without the other. The specifics of the sentence vary depending on the circumstances surrounding the charges as mentioned previously.

Family Life

Criminal charges can impact a person’s opportunities and livelihood but a DUI can also impact a person’s family life. Some states have laws that require parents charged with a DUI be held responsible for child support payments regardless of the original custody arrangement.

While WV does not have any such law, it is important to recognize that criminal charges of any kind may become the subject of a family court case. If spouses are in a custody battle, evidence of criminal behavior could be used to prove that the parent is not capable of providing a safe home for their children or that they are incapable of taking responsibility.

When DUIs are weaponized in a child custody case, it can be very hurtful and alienating. In most cases, a person may get a DUI as the result of a mistake. The crime does not always indicate a pattern of behavior or a current state of being. In other words, even if a person got a DUI in the past, they may have changed and become a more cautious and responsible person.

Protect Your Family and Future

If you have been accused of a DUI in West Virginia, you must contact Harley Wagner. Our attorney has extensive experience handling a variety of highly complicated DUI cases. He has helped countless clients achieve the most optimal result for their future.

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