Second Offense DUI Penalties West Virginia


You’ve been through this before. Bad luck strikes again and now you’ve been charged with a WV second DUI. Not only are you dealing with the threat of losing your license, but you could also go to jail. Because of strict WV DUI laws, all the second offense DUI penalties become more serious.

But before you give up, take the time to consult with Harley Wagner. He has a lot of experience fighting 2nd DUI cases all over West Virginia. He has defended some 1,800 DUI cases, so it is likely he has worked on a case just like yours in the past.

How is a second DUI offense different from your first DUI offense? According to WV DUI laws, a second DUI offense is still considered a misdemeanor in West Virginia. But if you are convicted of DUI for the second time, you may spend at least 6 months in jail or on house arrest.

In fact, your jail sentence could be as long as a year. Then there are serious fines. At a minimum, the court could fine you $1000, or as much as $3000!

With harsh penalties like this, be sure to find a West Virginia DUI lawyer who can help you fight the charges against you. Speak with Harley Wagner. He runs the only DUI law firm in the entire state of West Virginia that dedicates 100% of its time to DUI defense.

Remember, a WV DUI isn’t a “whodunit” type of case, but that doesn’t mean you can’t fight these charges. Before you end up paying serious fines, going to alcohol education classes, and even spending time in jail, find out how a top West Virginia DUI lawyer can ease the burden.

Even if this is your second DUI or third DUI, there are several ways to combat evidence like your high BAC results, field sobriety test performances, and more.

Don’t Plead Guilty to a WV Second DUI Charge!

Many West VA criminal attorneys who take on DUI cases have no intention of fighting the charges. Harley Wagner is a DUI lawyer who is serious about DUI defense. He will work to get the best results in your case. He knows the laws, police procedures, the breath tests performed, and how to attack the State’s evidence.

That’s why you should contact experienced attorney Harley Wagner. He knows all about WV DUI laws and can help you navigate the West Virginia court system.

Although second DUI penalties can be severe, there is ALWAYS hope. Remember, just because you’ve been arrested for a DUI doesn’t automatically mean you will be convicted. You have every right to fight the drunk driving charges against you. Pleading guilty is a big mistake if you’ve been arrested for a second DUI.

If you plead guilty, there is a 100% chance that you will be convicted. On the other hand, if you choose to fight the prosecutor, it is possible that you could get your charges reduced or dismissed. The choice is yours.

Either plead guilty and give up, or choose to speak with West Virginia DUI attorney Harley Wagner today. You may be surprised to learn that you have a very valid defense.

Harley Wagner understands that a 2nd DUI conviction can be devastating to you, your family, and even your job. He will fight to protect your rights and help get your life back on track. Mr. Wagner welcomes all repeat offender cases.