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Client Testimonials Helping Good People Through Bad Times

Over the years, Attorney Harley Wagner has successfully resolved thousands of DUI cases. He is proud to have helped numerous West Virginians avoid some of the harsh penalties of a DUI conviction. Read reviews left by past clients to hear their stories.

    "Very professional and thorough."
    Very professional and thorough. Also kind and very willing to listen. Had my DUI aggravated second offense reduced to the lowest first offense and I only had to pay a $100 fine. Highly recommend.
    - Former Client
    "Harley is amazing!"
    Harley is amazing! He managed to get my charges reduced from a serious offence, that could have been a felony, to misdemeanor charges and a reduced sentence, meaning no additional jail time. I am forever grateful for the hard work he put forth to help me.. he helped give me my life back! I highly recommend him.
    - Christina
    "Best outcome imaginable!"
    I received a DUI arrest 3 years prior to the most recent on March 15 2018. I had a minor accident and blew 3 times above legal limit. I just walked out of court after only being in there for 30 min. My DUI was dropped to a first offense with a 100 dollar fine it took longer to sign the paper work then it took for Mr. Wagner to deliberate with the prosecuting attorney. Thank you.
    - Former Client
    "I could not be happier with my experience with this firm"
    I hired Mr. Wagner for an aggravated DUI charge. He and his associate were incredibly helpful and professional. Harley walked me through the steps I needed to take with the DMV to get my license restored. Additionally, he was able to get my charges reduced to reckless driving. I could not be happier with my experience with this firm.
    - Former Client
    "Hard Charging DUI Attorney"
    I hired Mr. Wagner for a DUI charge. He and his assistant Heather where extremely helpful. They will walk you through the process and answer all of your questions. I believe Harley will fight for the best possible outcome for your individual situation. In my case the charge was reduced to reckless driving. He is not the cheapest attorney but you are paying for a specialist in this field of law. I would not hesitate to hire Mr. Wagner if you find yourself in this situation.
    - Former Client
    "You can count on Harley"
    From day one, Harley was there for me. He was very straightforward about the process, what I needed to do, and what he needed to do. I provided Harley with my statement, he told me to enroll in the DUI courses as soon as possible and get the interlock system installed as soon as possible. Harley even let me know what to expect when I went to Valley - I was very grateful for this because when I went to Valley they made it seem like the assessment would determine what level I was. Harley already straight up told me what would happen, that I would need to complete the education classes and the group therapy. I'm glad he told me this or I would have been very disappointed when I found out that I had to do more than just the education classes. From there on out Harley was with me every step of the way. We had frequent communication on how things were going, and what to expect at each step. I never had to set foot in front of the judge at the court cases. Every single thing that Harley said was going to happen did happen exactly as he said. I had to complete community service and when everything was all said and done I walked out with a reckless driving charge instead of a DUI. Trust me, hire Harley. You won't feel alone and you will get an extremely favorable outcome.
    - Former Client
    "Harley is the best!"
    I contacted Harley's office the Monday after the incident and spoke with Heather, who is an angel. She took my details and within an hour Harley called me while he was on the road to represent another client in another part of the state. He thoroughly went through the process and what he could offer. I agreed to retain him and set up an in office meeting the next week. During the in office meeting Harley further explained the process and what he needed from me. He was patient and answered all of my questions. Whenever I called or visited the office, Heather made me feel welcome and always answered my questions promptly. On the day of the trail Harley exceeded my expectations and got the charges greatly reduced. If you need an attorney, Harley Wagner is the man for you.
    - David
    "Hire The Best - Hire Harley Wagner."
    If you seek the best representation, then you have to hire Harley Wagner and his great team! I know that once I did, I felt the weight of the world come off my shoulders as Harley provided me confidence that my case was his most important case.
    - Michael
    "Only the BEST out there in the DUI world."
    If you are like I was and found yourself in a pickle because you got a little pickled at the bar, Harley is the guy to get you out of the jar. During the initial consultation, Harley laid it all out to me on how the system works, what to expect and what he could do for me. Excellent communication from himself and his staff the whole time. In the end, my DUI was successfully pled down, I got to keep my license and livelihood. It was a hard lesson for me to learn, but at least Harley was able to make sure it didn't ruin my life and that I could rebound.
    - Former Client
    "The attorney to have."
    I hired Harley Wagner for my charges of aggravated DUI and reckless driving. I'm very pleased with the outcome, a plea agreement with me pleading on reckless driving and having the DUI charge dropped. The Wagner Law Firm did everything I could have hoped for and then some.
    - Donnie
    "Harley saved our lives!"
    I can't say enough to say how thankful and grateful we are to Harley Wagner. My husband was facing a DUI charge and he was currently on probation for a previous DUI at the time of his arrest.We researched the best attorney in West Virginia and I choose Harley Wagner because of his proven track record and all the great reviews he had from his past clients. I can without a doubt say he is well worth the money and then some. From the moment we made our first call to his law firm to the court appearance Harley was completely available every step of the way and as a worried wife he gave me peace of mind. My husband didn't get any jail time and no probation. Harley and his team are the ones you need to hire if you or a loved one is in need for the Best DUI Attorney. I promise you won't regret it!!! Thank you Harley for giving us our life back!
    - Michell
    "DUI Case"
    I received a DUI charge and was given a handful of cards for options of attorneys and told which ones were cheap and which one was the best. I was told Harley Wagner is the best there is so without question I chose him. I highly, highly, highly recommend Harley. He handles only DUI cases and it truly shows that he knows what he is doing and how to approach the situation. He took over pretty much every aspect of the process to the point that if I was receiving a paper from the court, he was already aware of it. The first time I called to inquire about his pricing and speak with him he told me exactly how the process worked and after hearing my situation he explained exactly how he/we were going to approach it and how confident he was in the way it would play out. My court dates came and everything played out exactly as Harley had assured me it would. Would give Harley and his firm 10 stars if I could. It is a long process from the time you receive the DUI until the day your case is finalized but hang in there and Harley will take care of business.
    - Tucker
    "Harley was extremely helpful."

    From our first consultation until the conclusion Harley was very helpful. He eased our concerns and guided us through all the legal issues. He helped us turn an extremely bad decision into something manageable.
    - Zach
    "Excellent representation!"

    Harley and his team are excellent at representing clients. From day one his team walked me through the entire process and explained every step along the way. The Wagner Law Firm is the industry standard in knowledge, professionalism, and courtesy. I would be happy to recommend Harley and his team to any family member or friend.
    - Former Client

    I contacted Harley here on Avvo with questions related to my case a few months ago. From the very beginning it was obvious to me that he was the best DUI attorney in WV. My case was somewhat complicated due to past DUIs in another state and I could very easily have ended up with jail time. From the very beginning Harley told me exactly what I needed to do..before I even hired him! No other lawyer I had spoken with did this, so I hired him. He and his paralegal guided and stood by my side throughout the entire process, I knew exactly what to do and what to expect. When court came I didn't even have to enter the room until everything was said and done, and that was just to sign the paperwork. I was expecting a DUI, the verdict was DUI and No Operators Dismissed! I couldn't believe it. If you are reading this review wondering if you should hire Harley for your DUI, stop wondering and wasting time..hire him, he will get you the best possible outcome and fight tooth and nail to get it.
    - John
    "Polite, professional, and very proficient in his chosen field of law"
    I was charged with a DUI. Harley completed a thorough investigation into the arresting officers, the equipment used, and the procedures followed. When it came time for the first court date within 10 minuets the DUI charge was dropped. There is no better attorney in West Virginia for DUI law.
    - Former Client
    "The right guy for the job!"
    Hired Harley for a first time offense DUI. He clearly and concisely laid out the requirements for a favorable court dismissal. During the process, he and his firm were quick to respond to any questions and were there to help throughout. Overall, he is a highly professional and respectable attorney who will fight for the most optimum outcome.
    - Former Client
    "He's the best!"

    From the beginning I could tell that Harley was the best. He explained everything and made sure there was no confusion. Harley definitely has a vast knowledge of DUI law and you can see it pour out of him in the court room. The office was always extremely helpful when I called and quick to help me with the entire ordeal. I would recommend the Wagner team to anyone seeking a DUI lawyer. Harley Wagner is the best!
    - Chaz
    "Harley is an amazing professional."
    Harley and his staff were not only professional but also exceeded every single one of my expectations. I was kept informed and educated throughout the entire process. I could not have asked for a better professional to represent me in this experience. Thank you again.
    - Former Client
    "The Best DUI Lawyer and a true gem of a person."
    Harley is the consummate professional. Kind, compassionate, thorough and an expert in DUI law. He literally wrote the book on DUI law. Harley is a great attorney and has a wonderful staff. Several years ago, I was pulled over in the southern panhandle of West Virginia for a speeding violation and subsequently charged with a first offense DUI. This was an extremely traumatic experience for me. As an out of town professional with no other problems with the law in my entire life, I found myself alone, trying to find someone to help me in West Virginia. I searched the internet to find someone I could trust to put my life back together. I feel extremely fortunate to have found Harley Wagner’s name on the review sites, and after reading a number of great reviews, I called Harley for an initial visit. Harley is simply – the best! A great person, expert lawyer, understanding, kind and compassionate – like a true friend. At our first meeting, he immediately gave me several choices, explained the processes in detail and put my fears at ease. Harley, Connie and Heather led me every step of the way. 
    After completing all the DMV requirements – DUI classes and Interlock device – my DUI case was eventually DISMISSED. A year later my record was completely EXPUNGED, leaving me with no criminal record. I cannot thank Harley and his staff enough and highly recommend the Harley Wagner Law Firm to anyone who needs help with a DUI. Don’t think twice – hire Harley – you will be glad you went with the best. Thanks again to Harley , Heather and Connie for all your kindness, help and expertise.
    - Former Client
    "TOP Lawyer in the country for DUI."

    I had the unfortunate experience of getting charged with a DUI back in April 2015. Before I hired Harley I was being represented by a different attorney and had signed a guilty plea. A couple months later around September 2015 I was again charged with a new DUI and thought I had lost all hope in sight in terms of my job, well being, and family. I contacted Harley and he immediately started to work on my case by laying out a plan on not only how we would deal with the new charge, but also my first one that I had already pleaded guilty to. His goals came to fruition exactly like he said and I could have not expected a better outcome.

    The new DUI charge was DISMISSED and my first case which I had already pleaded guilty to was COMPLETELY DISMISSED as well. On top of that there was no jail time to serve. Harley is a magician and will put you at ease will all your troubles. All you have to do is follow his instructions and he'll do the rest. I learned a lesson of a lifetime but glad he helped my through it. Harley's staff is also highly trained and responsive to all your questions and I could not have asked for better people.

    Thanks for everything Harley!

    - Former Client
    "I would strongly recommend using Harley for your DUI case."

    When I was charged with a DUI I immediately looked for a lawyer and found Harley's law firm in the phone book. I called him and arranged a meeting and was very impressed with his capability and personality. He was very strait-forward about the cost and what he would be able to do for me. I followed his instructions regarding classes and procedure and wound up getting a plea bargain reducing the charge to "failure to control". I would strongly recommend using Harley for your DUI case. Thank you Harley and Heather.
    - Don
    "DUI full dismissal."
    The Wagner Law Firm helped me from beginning to end through a difficult process. They were able to walk me through every step and handle all aspects of my case. Harley went above and beyond on all situations that came up while the case was open. He was able to get my DUI fully dismissed and clear my criminal record. He was able to help me through all tasks related to the case including the inner lock system, DUI classes, and much more. I at no point felt like I was alone in the my case and cannot thank the entire Wagner Law Firm for all that they did for me.
    - Former Client
    "Mr. Wagner far exceeded my expectations."
    Mr. Wagner was beyond fantastic in helping me with my case. Beginning with the first time I spoke with him, he told me what to expect throughout the process of the case (both with the DMV and courts) and made sure to contact me immediately with updates. I expected my lawyer to fight for me, but Mr. Wagner far exceeded that expectation. Although I am sure he had numerous other cases, he treated me as if I was his top priority and demonstrated care and compassion for my family and me. In the end, the charge was dismissed and I was able to keep my license without suspension or any restrictions.
    - Former Client
    "Harley is an excellent lawyer."

    Harley Wagner means what he says and says what he means. After getting charged with DUI and reckless operation of a vehicle last year I found Harley on Avvo. After talking with him my anxiety went to calmness. Harley and his staff, Heather and Connie, went above and beyond to make sure my case was handled expeditiously and diligently. Harley knows the laws so do exactly what he says and the outcome he promises will come to fruition. I have nothing but good things to say about his Law Firm. If you get a DUI this is the only man to call.
    - Joseph
    "Aggravated DUI reduced to reckless driving"
    After my arrest in late 2015 for a First Offense Aggravated DUI in which I was alleged to have registered a 0.195 BAC, I had narrowed my search down to three lawyers. I reached out to my cousin who has 20+ years as a lawyer in PA and she sent me to this site to see what else we could find out to help me make a decision. After a few minutes of looking at Harley’s profile and the reviews from other clients she said, “Without a doubt, this is your guy. Call him as soon you hang up with me.” She was right. At the conclusion of my initial consultation with Harley I felt a good deal better about my situation and had a much greater understanding of the process I was about to go thru. After retaining Harley’s services and talking to him in depth about my case I felt as though a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders and finally had some hope that I would get thru this mistake with my life, family and career intact. Harley, Heather and Connie were great! They guided me thru everything; the Safety and Treatment Program classes, the ignition interlock process, the pros and cons of going thru the civil court and the entire criminal court process. The three of them did not treat me as just another client who had employed their services and they always made time for me no matter how simple or complicated my questions and concerns were, they had a very positive impact on me during the entire ordeal. At my initial appearance in court, Harley got my Aggravated DUI reduced to Reckless Driving and I came out of the entire affair a minor fine and no criminal record. Retaining Harley as my lawyer was the smartest thing I did and I have no doubt that the outcome of my case would not have been as favorable had I gone with anybody else. If you are reading this then you or somebody you know needs a good DUI / DWI lawyer, Harley and his team are the only people you need to consider. Do not waste anymore time, call Harley as soon as you can. You will not regret it.
    - Joe
    "First offense DUI - Charge dismissed"

    Harley and his employees were very courteous, understanding, and willing to go more than the extra mile to help me. He returned my emails and phone calls immediately, and did exactly what he said he would do in terms of my case. He was even able to get the court to agree to post pone filing my paperwork for 90 days so that I could go on a vacation that I had planned prior to the DUI. Once I complete the interlock, all charges will be dismissed and completely off of my record. I felt I was completely safe and in the best hands possible concerning the DUI. I can't say enough about Mr. Wagner. Thank you so much Harley!
    - Former Client
    "Harley is the best!"

    I found Harley Wagner easily online, and met with him to discuss the situation. He was a nice, polite, and easy going lawyer who explained the entire process with great detail for me to understand. He handled everything while keeping me informed the whole way through. In the end, I had almost nothing to do as he took care of it all and my charges were dropped. He did a great job and I recommend everyone to hire Harley when in need.
    - Kyle
    "Harley helped get my case dismissed."

    Harley and his team did an absolutely wonderful job. Harley and his team took over my case from another attorney. It was not going anywhere and I was not very confident we would prevail. From my first initial consultation with Harley, I immediately felt a sense of comfort with his knowledge of the DUI law in the state of WV. He had total command of the laws in WVU. He listen to all the facts of the case, and while he made no promises, I felt we had a good chance to win this case with his confidence, command of the law, and his demeanor. We felt we were innocent and he totally listen and was willing to fight all the way to the end. Harley, Connie and Heather always kept me abreast of the progress on the case and were always very positive. When we had our court appearances, I felt well defended. He communicated to us all the court's and DA's view of the case so we knew where we stood. The county where this case was being heard was being very difficult. In the end, Harley help us prevail and the case was dismissed. Harley and his team (including an expert opinion) were relentless and were able to uncover all the mistakes the arresting police officer made. He left no stone unturned. Anytime I needed to talk to him, he made himself available, and always very pleasant. I would strongly recommend anybody in WVU to call Harley if they find themselves in trouble immediately. In my opinion and based on the results of the case, I now know why he came highly recommended!!
    - Ivan
    "Harley is the man when it comes to a DUI lawyer!"
    I would highly recommend Harley and his crew to anyone who has a bad day like I did
    - Zac
    "Not just a lawyer, a good friend"
    If you get a DUI hire Harley Wagner and his team. You will not be disappointed!
    - Randy
    "Best DUI Lawyer there is."
    Harley and everyone in his office are all so nice. They never once made me feel like I was anything less than them. Harley did everything he could do to help me out on my DUI charge. I was originally charged with first offense aggravated DUI and speeding 100 in a 65. I was facing high fines and up to 6 months in prison. Harley got the charges dropped to DUI first offense and the speeding dropped completely. All I had to pay was a fine of 200 and court costs. He kept me from losing my license for a year and out of prison. Harley and his assistants are all very professional and great people. If you need a top notch attorney for a DUI Harley Wagner is definitely the one to choose.
    - Bill
    "Best DUI lawyer resulting in dismissal of charges."

    I am a law abiding professional who found myself in the worst situation - arrested for a DUI. As soon as the panic set in, I found Harley Wagner's information online. This was the best decision I could have ever made coming out of such a horrific turn of events. Harley not only provided me with in depth knowledge of what was to come, but also detailed several ideas of options/outcomes which were in my best interest and asked for my thoughts as we made decisions. He was personable, always available, and assured me all throughout the process that he was the best lawyer to have on my team - and he was right. As a result of his persistence and expertise, all of my charges were DISMISSED. I have the rest of my life ahead of me and I will thank Mr. Wagner every single day for giving me the opportunity to live it.
    - Former Client
    "He knows exactly what needs to be done and when."
    If you find yourself in this unfortunate situation, Harley is the only call you should make.
    - Shaydon
    "Outstanding Representation!"
    Harley and his team exceeded expectations and I highly recommend him if you need a lawyer who will look out for your best interest and deliver the best possible outcome for your situation.
    - Michael
    "Excellent, professional, there is no better."
    Within a couple of hours he called me back and within 10 minutes restored my peace of mind.
    - Eric
    "Thank goodness for Harley!"
    Probably the most important thing is Harley went to bat for me and delivered!
    - SS
    "Call Harley and he will take care of you better than anyone else."
    He was honest about my options but assured me that he would fight for me. Harley and his staff went above and beyond.
    - Albert
    "Harley is a class act"
    Harley and his firm were great to have in my corner.
    - Anonymous
    "The best possible results."
    I contacted Mr. Wagner for representation in a DUI case. Mr. Wagner was very well connected within the legal community, provided excellent counsel & settled the case with the best possible results considering the circumstances. Both Mr. Wagner & his legal secretary were responsive & patient with frequent inquiries. I would not hesitate to use his counsel again in the future.