Client Testimonials

Helping Good People Through Bad Times

Over the years, Attorney Harley Wagner has successfully resolved thousands of DUI cases. He is proud to have helped numerous West Virginians avoid some of the harsh penalties of a DUI conviction. Read reviews left by past clients to hear their stories.

  • The best possible results.
    I contacted Mr. Wagner for representation in a DUI case. Mr. Wagner was very well connected within the legal community, provided excellent counsel & settled the case with the best possible results considering the circumstances. Both Mr. Wagner & his legal secretary were responsive & patient with frequent inquiries. I would not hesitate to use his counsel again in the future.
  • Harley is a class act
    Harley and his firm were great to have in my corner. He was able to resolve my case in a swift and respectable manner. Harley is a class act. I would without a doubt recommend him to have in your corner, in a time when there is so much uncertainty which is often the case in these types of cases.

    - Anonymous

  • He knows exactly what needs to be done and when.

    If you find yourself in this unfortunate situation, Harley is the only call you should make. I was charged with Aggravated DUI and left of center on a Saturday, called Harley's office immediately that Monday morning and met with him later that day. Heather and Connie are also very knowledgeable and help you throughout the process. All of my questions were answered that day. He knows exactly what needs to be done and when. Very professional, knowledgeable, and kind he will take care of you. He will tell you it's not how long the process takes but it's the end result that matters! Harley did exactly that, the left of center charge was thrown out, and was able to get the DUI dropped down to a reckless driving with nothing on my record as long as I complete the Interlock. I cannot thank Harley, Heather, and Connie enough for what they have done for me. Thank you.

    - Shaydon

  • Outstanding Representation!

    My son is a WVU student and was charged with aggravated DUI - first offense. I had talked to several lawyers prior to Harley who informed me that this particular county court was notoriously tough to deal with and that it would be a "long shot" to plead to anything lesser. In my conversation with Harley he too admitted that this county was difficult to deal with but then offered a detailed short term and long term defense plan for my son. Harley and his team were proactive every step of the way and began putting the plan in motion prior to the first hearing and filed a plea bargain prior to the second hearing after which the plea was accepted and all charges would be dropped after a brief suspension, alcohol education classes and a period of time using an interlock system. This was achieved based on Harley's reputation across the state as a champion of DUI Education - often working with local law enforcement, and his experience working with judges and prosecutors and in our particular case - familiarity with the ADA presiding over my son's case. Harley and his team exceeded expectations and I highly recommend him if you need a lawyer who will look out for your best interest and deliver the best possible outcome for your situation.

    - Michael

  • Excellent, professional, there is no better.

    I was arrested for a first offense DUI Aggravated (>.15) in Monongalia County on a Friday night in February of 2015. I was fearful of losing my license, my job, and of potential jail time. I called Harley and left a message on Sunday morning. Within a couple of hours he called me back and within 10 minutes restored my peace of mind. You will not find anyone more knowledge of DUI law than Harley Wagner. Very professional, comforting, reassuring and you know from the first conversation that he is dedicated to ensuring you have the best possible outcome to a terrible situation. Once you speak with Harley you will immediately know you have the right man on your side. I can't thank him enough. His staff is excellent and Harley will walk you through each step of the process. During my initial court hearing, he was able to get my charges dismissed as long as I completed the WV DMV Ignition interlock program. There is NO ONE else you want by your side but Harley Wagner.

    - Eric

  • Thank goodness for Harley!

    I met Harley by chance, and we briefly talked about my DUI case. At the time, I had already obtained other legal counsel, which I thought was great because that counsel told me I could get my DUI expunged. After talking with Harley, he informed me that because of my BAC, that was not possible, but that I could get the case dismissed. He took over my case and he did not charge me his normal rate because I had already paid my previous attorney. It was an incredibly generous gesture on his part, and one he certainly did not have to make! He met with me a couple times and always treated me like a friend and a normal person. He never made me feel bad about getting a DUI. Probably the most important thing is Harley went to bat for me and delivered! He also was able to get my speeding violation reduced so that I would not get any additional points on my license. If you are ever in trouble with a DUI, Harley is the man to go see- the ONLY man to go see. Thanks, friend, you truly are the best!

    - SS

  • Call Harley and he will take care of you better than anyone else.

    On March 21st of 2015 I was charges with DUI Fleeing which is a felony by itself. I also had a BAC >.15 which put me in the aggravated category. To make matters worse I had two prior in another state and one of those was aggravated. I was charged in Putnam Co. WV. I was arrested at 2 am on Saturday and contacted Harley on the following Tuesday. I was extremely surprised that Harley spoke to me that day because all of the other attorneys I consulted would not even return my call. From the very first conversation Harley became my attorney and my friend. He treated me with respect and explained the entire process in great detail. He was honest about my options but assured me that he would fight for me. Harley and his staff went above and beyond. Harley drove all the way to Putnam Co. WV for my preliminary hearing. The magistrate and prosecutor had a lot of respect for Harley and he was able to get me an incredible plea without having to drag the process along. I still can't believe the amazing miracles that Harley performed. Harley got my felony dropped and I was able to get my charges down to a first offense! I only have to pay a small fine less that $500 all together! I can't that Harley and his staff enough for all of their hard work and dedication. Harley and his staff are the best in the state. Do not waste your time with other attorneys. Call Harley and he will take care of you better than anyone else. Thank you Harley and staff, you are an amazing group of people!

    - Albert

  • Harley is the man when it comes to a DUI lawyer!
    After getting my third DUI in the state of West Virginia my wife and I were very concerned. We knew that it was a felony offense and had the potential of serious jail time. So we researched thoroughly for DUI attorneys. We contacted serveral and after meeting with Harley we knew he was the guy for the job. I just went to my magistrate court hearing and Harley defended me. I was very happy with the end result we ended up getting it down to a misdemeanor 2nd offese DUI. I also got all my fines waved. I have zero jail time. I do have to wear the ankle monitor for 1 year. Which is a miracle because I am currently living in Arizona not West Virginia. I would highly recommend Harley and his crew to anyone who has a bad day like I did. I've had several other attorneys in the past and he is always on the ball and straight forward. Not once when I called or emailed him did I ever wait more then a few hours before getting a call back. Thanks again for everything you and your team have done! Harley is the man when it comes to a DUI lawyer!

    - Zac

  • Not just a lawyer, a good friend
    Recently I got a DUI. To much to tell but I was really in a tight spot. I had no Idea how to handle it myself so I hired Harley. He and his assistants Heather and Connie are the best. They got the facts and the case was dismissed. If you get a DUI hire Harley Wagner and his team. You will not be disappointed!

    - Randy

  • Best DUI Lawyer there is.
    Harley and everyone in his office are all so nice. They never once made me feel like I was anything less than them. Harley did everything he could do to help me out on my DUI charge. I was originally charged with first offense aggravated DUI and speeding 100 in a 65. I was facing high fines and up to 6 months in prison. Harley got the charges dropped to DUI first offense and the speeding dropped completely. All I had to pay was a fine of 200 and court costs. He kept me from losing my license for a year and out of prison. Harley and his assistants are all very professional and great people. If you need a top notch attorney for a DUI Harley Wagner is definitely the one to choose.

    - Bill

  • Best DUI lawyer resulting in dismissal of charges.

    I am a law abiding professional who found myself in the worst situation - arrested for a DUI. As soon as the panic set in, I found Harley Wagner's information online. This was the best decision I could have ever made coming out of such a horrific turn of events. Harley not only provided me with in depth knowledge of what was to come, but also detailed several ideas of options/outcomes which were in my best interest and asked for my thoughts as we made decisions. He was personable, always available, and assured me all throughout the process that he was the best lawyer to have on my team - and he was right. As a result of his persistence and expertise, all of my charges were DISMISSED. I have the rest of my life ahead of me and I will thank Mr. Wagner every single day for giving me the opportunity to live it.

    - Former Client

  • First offense DUI - Charge dismissed

    Harley and his employees were very courteous, understanding, and willing to go more than the extra mile to help me. He returned my emails and phone calls immediately, and did exactly what he said he would do in terms of my case. He was even able to get the court to agree to post pone filing my paperwork for 90 days so that I could go on a vacation that I had planned prior to the DUI. Once I complete the interlock, all charges will be dismissed and completely off of my record. I felt I was completely safe and in the best hands possible concerning the DUI. I can't say enough about Mr. Wagner. Thank you so much Harley!

    - Former Client

  • Harley is the best!

    I found Harley Wagner easily online, and met with him to discuss the situation. He was a nice, polite, and easy going lawyer who explained the entire process with great detail for me to understand. He handled everything while keeping me informed the whole way through. In the end, I had almost nothing to do as he took care of it all and my charges were dropped. He did a great job and I recommend everyone to hire Harley when in need.

    - Kyle

  • Harley helped get my case dismissed.

    Harley and his team did an absolutely wonderful job. Harley and his team took over my case from another attorney. It was not going anywhere and I was not very confident we would prevail. From my first initial consultation with Harley, I immediately felt a sense of comfort with his knowledge of the DUI law in the state of WV. He had total command of the laws in WVU. He listen to all the facts of the case, and while he made no promises, I felt we had a good chance to win this case with his confidence, command of the law, and his demeanor. We felt we were innocent and he totally listen and was willing to fight all the way to the end. Harley, Connie and Heather always kept me abreast of the progress on the case and were always very positive. When we had our court appearances, I felt well defended. He communicated to us all the court's and DA's view of the case so we knew where we stood. The county where this case was being heard was being very difficult. In the end, Harley help us prevail and the case was dismissed. Harley and his team (including an expert opinion) were relentless and were able to uncover all the mistakes the arresting police officer made. He left no stone unturned. Anytime I needed to talk to him, he made himself available, and always very pleasant. I would strongly recommend anybody in WVU to call Harley if they find themselves in trouble immediately. In my opinion and based on the results of the case, I now know why he came highly recommended!!

    - Ivan

  • DUI full dismissal.
    The Wagner Law Firm helped me from beginning to end through a difficult process. They were able to walk me through every step and handle all aspects of my case. Harley went above and beyond on all situations that came up while the case was open. He was able to get my DUI fully dismissed and clear my criminal record. He was able to help me through all tasks related to the case including the inner lock system, DUI classes, and much more. I at no point felt like I was alone in the my case and cannot thank the entire Wagner Law Firm for all that they did for me.

    - Former Client

  • Mr. Wagner far exceeded my expectations.
    Mr. Wagner was beyond fantastic in helping me with my case. Beginning with the first time I spoke with him, he told me what to expect throughout the process of the case (both with the DMV and courts) and made sure to contact me immediately with updates. I expected my lawyer to fight for me, but Mr. Wagner far exceeded that expectation. Although I am sure he had numerous other cases, he treated me as if I was his top priority and demonstrated care and compassion for my family and me. In the end, the charge was dismissed and I was able to keep my license without suspension or any restrictions.

    - Former Client

  • Harley is an excellent lawyer.

    Harley Wagner means what he says and says what he means. After getting charged with DUI and reckless operation of a vehicle last year I found Harley on Avvo. After talking with him my anxiety went to calmness. Harley and his staff, Heather and Connie, went above and beyond to make sure my case was handled expeditiously and diligently. Harley knows the laws so do exactly what he says and the outcome he promises will come to fruition. I have nothing but good things to say about his Law Firm. If you get a DUI this is the only man to call.

    - Joseph

  • Aggravated DUI reduced to reckless driving
    After my arrest in late 2015 for a First Offense Aggravated DUI in which I was alleged to have registered a 0.195 BAC, I had narrowed my search down to three lawyers. I reached out to my cousin who has 20+ years as a lawyer in PA and she sent me to this site to see what else we could find out to help me make a decision. After a few minutes of looking at Harley’s profile and the reviews from other clients she said, “Without a doubt, this is your guy. Call him as soon you hang up with me.” She was right. At the conclusion of my initial consultation with Harley I felt a good deal better about my situation and had a much greater understanding of the process I was about to go thru. After retaining Harley’s services and talking to him in depth about my case I felt as though a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders and finally had some hope that I would get thru this mistake with my life, family and career intact. Harley, Heather and Connie were great! They guided me thru everything; the Safety and Treatment Program classes, the ignition interlock process, the pros and cons of going thru the civil court and the entire criminal court process. The three of them did not treat me as just another client who had employed their services and they always made time for me no matter how simple or complicated my questions and concerns were, they had a very positive impact on me during the entire ordeal. At my initial appearance in court, Harley got my Aggravated DUI reduced to Reckless Driving and I came out of the entire affair a minor fine and no criminal record. Retaining Harley as my lawyer was the smartest thing I did and I have no doubt that the outcome of my case would not have been as favorable had I gone with anybody else. If you are reading this then you or somebody you know needs a good DUI / DWI lawyer, Harley and his team are the only people you need to consider. Do not waste anymore time, call Harley as soon as you can. You will not regret it.

    - Joe

  • The Best DUI Lawyer and a true gem of a person.
    Harley is the consummate professional. Kind, compassionate, thorough and an expert in DUI law. He literally wrote the book on DUI law. Harley is a great attorney and has a wonderful staff. Several years ago, I was pulled over in the southern panhandle of West Virginia for a speeding violation and subsequently charged with a first offense DUI. This was an extremely traumatic experience for me. As an out of town professional with no other problems with the law in my entire life, I found myself alone, trying to find someone to help me in West Virginia. I searched the internet to find someone I could trust to put my life back together. I feel extremely fortunate to have found Harley Wagner’s name on the review sites, and after reading a number of great reviews, I called Harley for an initial visit. Harley is simply – the best! A great person, expert lawyer, understanding, kind and compassionate – like a true friend. At our first meeting, he immediately gave me several choices, explained the processes in detail and put my fears at ease. Harley, Connie and Heather led me every step of the way. 
    After completing all the DMV requirements – DUI classes and Interlock device – my DUI case was eventually DISMISSED. A year later my record was completely EXPUNGED, leaving me with no criminal record. I cannot thank Harley and his staff enough and highly recommend the Harley Wagner Law Firm to anyone who needs help with a DUI. Don’t think twice – hire Harley – you will be glad you went with the best. Thanks again to Harley , Heather and Connie for all your kindness, help and expertise.

    - Former Client

  • TOP Lawyer in the country for DUI.

    I had the unfortunate experience of getting charged with a DUI back in April 2015. Before I hired Harley I was being represented by a different attorney and had signed a guilty plea. A couple months later around September 2015 I was again charged with a new DUI and thought I had lost all hope in sight in terms of my job, well being, and family. I contacted Harley and he immediately started to work on my case by laying out a plan on not only how we would deal with the new charge, but also my first one that I had already pleaded guilty to. His goals came to fruition exactly like he said and I could have not expected a better outcome.

    The new DUI charge was DISMISSED and my first case which I had already pleaded guilty to was COMPLETELY DISMISSED as well. On top of that there was no jail time to serve. Harley is a magician and will put you at ease will all your troubles. All you have to do is follow his instructions and he'll do the rest. I learned a lesson of a lifetime but glad he helped my through it. Harley's staff is also highly trained and responsive to all your questions and I could not have asked for better people.

    Thanks for everything Harley!

    - Former Client