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Martinsburg WV Criminal Attorney Harley Wagner

WV DUI attorney Harley O. Wagner has built a statewide reputation for specializing in DUI defense. His recent drunk driving book, focused on on WV DUI laws and criminal procedure is the leading legal treatise on WV DUI and WV DMV issues. The book on WV DUI laws, co-authored with an Arizona DUI specialist, is “West Virginia DUI Defense,” published by Lawyers and Judges Publishing, of Tucson, AZ.

Martinsburg WV lawyers consider this book to be a “must have” resource of for any DUI defense lawyer handling WV DUI arrests. By understanding all aspects of WV DUI laws, Mr. Wagner’s book is a roadmap on how to beat a DUI.

Exclusively Handling DUI West Virginia Cases

Today, Harley Wagner has built the Wagner Law Firm into the largest volume DUI-specific criminal defense law practice in West Virginia. The felony and misdemeanor cases that Mr. Wagner accepts are from DUI alcohol or DUI drugs arrests. The criminal attorney’s single-focused goal and passion is providing the best possible drunk driving defense services to his clients facing a DUI in WV.

Recognized by his WV peers, Mr. Wagner has been named (for 6 years) as one of West Virginia’s Super Lawyers in the field of defending DUI charges, felony or misdemeanor. Fewer than 10 DUI WV attorneys have ever been named as Super Lawyers in all of West Virginia. While other Martinsburg criminal defense attorneys cover all types of criminal justice cases, Mr. Wagner excels at defense of driving while intoxicated cases.

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Advanced DUI Law Training From National and State DUI Lawyer Practice Groups

Mr. Wagner is a member of the Board of Directors of DUIDLA (national DUI laws group with 800+ members across America), National College for DUI Defense, the oldest National DUI specialty organization, with 2000+ members, and a member and he is the co-founder of the West Virginia DUI Defense Lawyers Association. Of all lawyers in Martinsburg WV, only Mr. Wagner has these credentials.

To better facilitate his criminal law practice, drunk driving lawyer Harley Wagner has obtained specialized training on the State’s breath alcohol test device, the Intoximeter EC-IR II. Plus, Mr. Wagner has obtained equal or more training on NHTSA standardized field sobriety tests than virtually any West Virginia police officer. This training sets a high bar for other lawyers Martinsburg WV who compete for driving under the influence cases.

Mr. Wagner’s emphasis on advanced-level DUI law training sets the Wagner law firm apart from other criminal defense lawyers Martinsburg WV, in being able to effectively cross-examine law enforcement officers in DUI WV cases, or aggravated DUI WV cases. This expertise in police procedures relating to DUI laws benefits Mr. Wagner’s clients facing DUI charges in WV.

A DUI Attorney Who Fights to Save West Virginia Driver’s License at the WV DMV

Virtually every West Virginia DUI arrest includes the arresting officer initiating a WV DMV administrative license revocation proceeding. This process is part of implied consent law in West Virginia. Implied consent driving penalties (like requiring the WV interlock program), which are civil in nature, are enforced independently of DUI penalties in criminal case, in West Virginia.

What this means is that your DUI lawyer can win the DUI WV criminal case for you, but you still may have your WV driver’s license revoked or limited by a WV interlock order, under the ALR (administrative license revocation) laws.

One of the harshest aspects of drunk driving penalties can be loss of driving privileges, especially in a state like West Virginia with none of the 30 largest towns exceeding 60,000 residents dotting the rugged terrain of our mountainous State. Ride sharing services are not commonly available, and taxi service is hit or miss, leaving WV DUI drivers stranded, without their driver license.

Thus, your West Virginia DUI attorney needs to be skilled at avoiding implied consent driving privilege revocation.

Fighting Any DUI in WV, Felony, Misdemeanor or Aggravated DUI WV

Of criminal lawyers Martinsburg WV who focus on DUI in West Virginia, none can match the volume of DUI defense cases that Harley Wagner has handled in the past decade. While felony DUI is rare in West Virginia, DUI accidents with serious injury or death to another can trigger DUI felonies.

By traveling statewide, and limiting his legal practice to citizens with DUI charges in WV, the Martinsburg criminal defense lawyer has distance himself from criminal attorneys with a general criminal law practice.

Martinsburg DUI Attorney Harley O. Wagner – Expert for DUI West Virginia

If you need a DUI West Virginia attorney to help you save your license and obtain the best outcome in a WV DUI case, that will be Harley O. Wagner, a DUI specialist in Martinsburg who travels the State defending DUI cases. Top rated among criminal attorneys Martinsburg WV, Wagner Law Firm can answer your questions about the WV interlock program, WV alcohol laws, WV DUI classes, a second offense DUI, or a West Virginia DMV question.

Obtain your FREE lawyer consultation with Wagner Law Firm, to let him guide your path through fighting this drunk driving case. Call now by dialing 304-901-7400. The professional DUI WV case assessment is FREE and you can shift this burden off your shoulders and onto the shoulders of highly-acclaimed drunk driving attorney Martinsburg WV, Harley Wagner.

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Much like having a medical condition, unique situations require a unique diagnosis and treatment. DUI lawyers near me have varying levels of experience in DUI defense. Therefore, always compare legal services and then consult a West Virginia attorney for legal advice regarding your specific matter.