West Virginia Schools Get New DUI Simulator Program

West Virginia Schools Get New DUI Simulator Program

Students in Wheeling County Schools will be a part of a new DUI Simulator Program. Here’s what you should know.

DUI Simulator

The new program will allow students to experience a number of driving situations, from weather conditions to driving under the influence. This will give students a unique perspective on what it’s like to drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol to experience the effects substances can have on reaction time.

The driver’s education program teaches students the ins and outs of driving and the responsibility they have to follow road rules and navigate around other drivers.

Wheeling County students told reporters that they know several fellow students who think drinking and driving are “cool” when it’s not. They recognize the value in a program that teaches safety and informs them of what it could be like to break the law.

For the students who think drunk driving is cool, the DUI Simulator Program will give them a first-hand look at the consequences of their actions. This will help instructors better prepare students for the future.

How Does It Work?

The simulator is like a virtual reality experience – it allows the user to experience driving conditions first-hand without actually being in a car. At the beginning of the simulator, the vehicle is easy to navigate, but it becomes harder and harder to operate the car as the course continues.

This new program utilizes visual and physical effects to mimic the feeling of driving under the influence. Realistic graphics depict a wobbling field of vision that blurs and darkens like it would if someone were high or drunk behind the wheel. Accompanied by physical jolts that imitate bumps in the road or a collision. One student said,

It’s actually a really scary thought to think that that could happen in real life. I think it was important for us […] to understand the consequences and driving under the influence.”

Is it Effective?

DUI simulators are a preventative measure to dissuade new drivers from driving drunk. It’s part of a statewide program of education and prevention involving the simulator and driving classes that teach driving safety.

What this program doesn’t teach students is what can happen during a DUI arrest. Instructors tell students the worst possible consequences, but there’s a lot more to DUI cases than arrest and trial.

DUIs are serious offenses, but no case is hopeless. Police often make errors during checkpoints and arrests that can lead to case dismissal.

Other cases may rely on situational evidence that shouldn’t be upheld in court. West Virginia has some of the strictest DUI laws in the United States, but with the right attorney, a DUI doesn’t have to ruin your life.

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