Why Choose Wagner?

If you’re charged with a DUI, you have options. But how do you know which attorney is right for you? Do you choose based on price? Experience? Something else?

At The Wagner Law Firm, we offer both, with free case reviews and over two decades of experience, Attorney Harley Wagner has the skill and compassion you need. But don’t just take our word for it – the results speak for themselves.

Meet Attorney Wagner

Founding Attorney Harley Wagner is the lead lawyer for West Virginia’s only exclusive DUI defense firm. He started his education in wild and wonderful WV at West Virginia University in 1990. By 1995, Harley Wagner had become Attorney Wagner and began his career as a legal counselor.

Early on in his career, Wagner was acknowledged for his skill and was immediately sent to work in the courtroom as Assistant State Prosecutor in Harrison County. While this experience gave him an inside look at how cases are prosecuted, Attorney Wagner moved back to Martinsburg and pursued his true passion of criminal defense law.

After joining the National College for DUI Defense, Attorney Wagner knew that his goal would be to defend those accused of a DUI and proceeded to amass hundreds of hours of DUI defense training. During this time he also became a certified instructor of field sobriety testing.

Then, in 2010, Attorney Wagner founded West Virginia’s only exclusive DUI defense firm. Since then, he, along with close friend and paralegal, Heather McCoy, completed over 800 hours of DUI defense training and instruction and represented over 3,000 clients through WV.

Not only is he certified and experienced in DUI defense law, but he literally wrote the book on defending DUI cases in West Virginia. His experiences and passion for justice have led him to become the co-founder of the West Virginia DUI Defense Lawyers Association and a trusted name in DUI defense.

Not only is Attorney Wagner a passionate advocate for those accused of a DUI, but he is also a trustworthy advocate for his clients.

Attorney and Friend

Attorney Wagner is a standout among his peers, and his reputation is consistently reinforced by former clients.

Albert says, “From the very first conversation Harley became my attorney and my friend. He treated me with respect […] Do not waste your time with other attorneys. Call Harley and he will take care of you better than anyone else.”

Another former client praised Attorney Wagner’s devotion to their case and his character, “Harley is simply the best! A great person, expert lawyer, understanding […] like a true friend. […] my DUI case was eventually DISMISSED. A year later my record was EXPUNGED leaving me with no criminal record.”

Michael was not only thankful for the legal help, but also appreciated the personalized care and attention he received at The Wagner Law Firm. “[…] I felt the weight of the world come off my shoulders as Harley provided me confidence that my case was his most important case.”

A fierce defender and compassionate advocate, Attorney Wagner gives you the support you need throughout your case from arrest to the court’s final decision.

The Results Speak for Themselves

Attorney Wagner defends clients in and out of the court room using his extensive experience and vast knowledge to your advantage.

Here are the results of just a few of the cases Harley Wagner has defended:

  • DUI Felony Fleeing and Attempted Murder by Vehicle: DISMISSED
  • DUI Felony 3rd Offense: NOT GUILTY
  • DUI 2nd Offense: DISMISSED
  • 0.08 DUI Causing Death: DISMISSED

From Martinsburg to St. Mary’s and Putnam Counties, Attorney Wagner has won favorable results for his clients.

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Whether you are charged with a first offense, or you’re accused of a felony-level DUI, Attorney Wagner can help. He is the premiere DUI defense attorney in the state of West Virginia and is known for his compassionate guidance and fearless defense in the courtroom.

When you need trusted solutions to your toughest issues, contact Attorney Wagner.

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