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Do I Have to Tell My Boss About a DUI Arrest?

When it comes to DUI arrests in West Virginia, one of the most common questions Attorney Harley Wagner receives from his clients is, “Do I have to tell my boss about it?” Although an arrest is not anyone’s business other than your own, there are some circumstances where you are required to notify an employer about a pending DUI case.

The following are several examples when you must report a DUI to your boss:

  • It says so on your employment contract or policy – If a company policy or your employment contract states are you are obligated to disclose any arrests or convictions with your employer, you must do so. Failure to uphold your contract can lead to getting fired from your job.
  • Your job requires you to drive – Whether you have a commercial driver’s license (CDL) or operate a company vehicle, a DUI arrest can affect your ability to perform your work duties. In addition, your employer may be held liable for any accidents or injuries you cause, if the injured party shows in court that your employer knew or should’ve known about your DUI and allowed you to drive.
  • You hold a professional license – Professionals such as doctors, teachers, realtors, plumbers, lawyers, and other workers licensed by the State of West Virginia are required to report any arrests prior to renewing their professional license. However, if a professional obtains treatment or counseling soon after arrest, this might be enough to keep your professional license.
  • Your boss finds out – Sometimes gossip from coworkers make it all the way to the top. If your boss finds out about your DUI through word of mouth, it is wise to be honest and avoid denying your arrest. Ask your employer to judge you by your overall body of work and for their patience while the criminal justice process plays out.

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