Arrested for DUI? What to Do Next…

After your WV DUI arrest you may be in shock for quite a while. You know that you are a good person and you are wondering how this could have happened to you, and what the next steps are that need to be taken. While you are battling with these questions and worries there is really only one way to allay your fears and concerns.

You will need to seek out the assistance of a qualified and skilled DUI attorney who understands West Virginia DUI laws. Harley Wagner spearheads the only law firm in the entire state of West Virginia that is dedicated to handling DUI cases exclusively. This means you will have assistance from an attorney who has made DUI defense his specialty. This is important if you want to avoid time in jail as well as thousands of dollars in fines.

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To locate someone who has been arrested for a DUI in West Virginia, there are some basic things you will need to know in order to find them. Firstly, you will need their birth date and legal name. If you have access to the arrest booking number of the driver, that will make the process even easier.

What happens after you are handcuffed and taken to jail? You will be required to post bail or you will be released. If you need to post bail, you can contact a local bondsman. You will usually need 10 percent of the bail amount in order to get the loan from a bondsman.

You need to be aware that as soon as you are under arrest, your driver’s license is at risk and you have only 30 days to request a license administrative hearing once your notice of revocation is received in the mail from the WV DMV.

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