Every Great West Virginia DUI Lawyer Has an Equally Great Assistant

After a WV DUI arrest, there is one thing you can do to immediately improve your unfortunate situation – speak with WV DUI lawyer Harley Wagner before you do anything else. In fact, you can save yourself money, headaches, and even your freedom by just talking to Harley one time. While it may feel like your life will never go back to normal after a WV drunk driving charge, it can and it will. But don’t make the mistake of taking it on alone.

Why should you trust Harley Wagner? Well not only does he have 16+ years of West VA criminal law and DUI law experience, he also runs one of the largest DUI law firms in the entire state of West Virginia. The Wagner Law Firm is also the ONLY DUI law firm in the entire state that is completely focused on DUI defense. Harley has defended over 1,800 clients with charges ranging from first time drunk driving to felony DUI homicide cases.

So how does Harley Wagner represent so many clients without sacrificing the special attention each one deserves? The answer is simple. He has great help at the Wagner Law Firm: long-time paralegal Heather Ann McCoy. Heather has worked with and alongside Harley for over 16 years and has literally been his right hand. They met while working at the same law firm in the Fall of 1999. From that moment on, Harley and Heather worked side-by-side on difficult criminal cases, many of which were DUI-related.

After years of spending time dissecting WV drunk driving cases, Heather and Harley developed a working relationship and a great friendship. To this day, Heather is part of Harley’s family as Harley is just like a member of her family. In 2010, when Harley opened his own West Virginia DUI law firm, The Wagner Law Firm, focusing only on DUI cases, he took Heather with him. Heather, of course, wanted to accompany Harley on his new career undertaking. Now Harley, with the help of Heather, runs the only DUI defense-only firm in West Virginia.

Heather has over 16 years of paralegal experience in criminal/DUI law. Harley has dedicated endless amounts of time in educating himself on DUI defense techniques and science. With all this knowledge and DUI defense training, Harley has made a point to share with and train Heather on many areas of DUI defense. At the Wagner Law Firm, Heather is not only Harley’s paralegal and right hand, but also his Office Manager.

Heather graduated from Musselman High School in Berkeley County, WV in 1998. Her legal experience and interest in criminal law began when she worked part-time for the Berkeley County Magistrate Court while she was still in high school. In February of 1998, Heather took her first job in the legal field as a secretary for a Martinsburg, WV based criminal defense firm. It was then that Heather developed a genuine interest in criminal law and paralegal work. In an effort to pursue her goal of becoming a genuine paralegal, Heather went to night school. She received her Associate of Applied Science Degree in Paralegal Studies in 2002 from Hagerstown, Maryland Business College.

Personally, Heather’s parents reside in Berkeley County, West Virginia. Spending time with her family is something Heather greatly enjoys. That includes her beloved dog “Meesha” and her equally beloved cat, “Booda.”

If you are fighting a WV DUI, don’t do it alone or with a part-time DUI attorney. Reach out to West Virginia DUI attorney Harley Wagner today. With the help of Heather and his staff, Harley can work with you to provide the best possible defense and outcome for your WV DUI case.